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New: CheckMe Holter

CheckMe has become even better and more impressive!

The new CheckMe Holter does not only have all the possibilities that CheckMe Pro has to offer, but also allows a 24 hour ECG recording with analysis.

Currently we offer CheckMe Holter at a special introduction price and a promotion for CheckMe Pro!

checkme holter


CheckMe is a small medical device that measures a variety of physiological parameters.

  • ECG: ECG, HR, QRS, ST, arrhytmia, QT, QTc
  • ECG: 24 hour recording with HRV analysis
  • Pulse oximeter: SpO2, PR, PI
  • Blood pressure tracker: systolic BP
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Daily check
  • Sport check
  • Sleep monitor
  • Pedometer: step counter
  • Reminder function
  • Calendar and clock


wipam checkme


Connect CheckMe to your Android or iOS mobile device with Bluetooth and keep track of your physiological parameters.

With the free app you can:

  • download
  • store
  • review
  • put your data in trend graphs.

wipam checkme app


Share the information from your CheckMe monitor with your physician.

With one button you can send and share the data from your CheckMe Monitor with family or your physician.

Results from CheckMe can be shared through email or other sharing services.


  • 3 models: CheckMe Pro, Holter and Minimonitor
  • Touch screen
  • Bluetooth dual mode (support 4.0 BLE - Pro and Holter)
  • Connection to free iOS and Android app (Pro and Holter)
  • Size: 88 x 56 x 13mm
  • Weight: <70g
checkme daily check

checkme device

Holter Option


CheckMe Holter allows a 24 hour recording of a 1-lead ECG. The result can be downloaded on a Windows PC and the software will automatically find irregularities.

This option is available for CheckMe Holter and CheckMe Minimonitor.

Minimonitor Option


The minimonitor function allows to continuously streaming of SpO2 and ECG to a tablet PC or Windows PC for bedside monitoring.

This option is available for CheckMe Minimonitor and requires a special adapter which is included.



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